Episode #160 – The Internet Was A Mistake

The band is back together and wouldn’t you know it they’re talking the week’s Entertainment news. They’ve got stories like:

  • The internet hates Jason Reitman for making a movie the internet wanted made……kind of…..
  • John Krasinski will direct A Quiet Place 2
  • Space Jam 2 is a real thing and it has a release date
  • Jay and Silent Bob reboot starts production
  • Young Sheldon picked up for 2 more seasons
  • Full Twilight Zone trailer
  • Man in the High Castle to end after season 4
  • The Haunting of Hill House renewed for season 2
  • Chris Hemsworth is going to play Hulk Hogan for Netflix…..
  • All Marvel Netflix shows officially cancelled
  • Mike Colter cast in Evil
  • And Simone Missick Has Joined Altered Carbon Season 2
  • Legendary Working on ‘Wizard of Oz’ TV Series Set in the World of L. Frank Baum’s Books
  • The Jim Henson Company and Neil Gaiman bringing back The Storyteller
  • Obi Wan Disney+ series rumor
  • Captain Marvel is being trolled by idiots but is, apparently, really, really good!
  • Annihilus teased?

All that, what we watched and just the right tangents.

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One thought on “Episode #160 – The Internet Was A Mistake

  1. Dear RDT,

    Last week was kind of a shitshow. I definitely listened to Le Podcast, but I do not remember what you asked.

    Apologies and tummy rubs,


    P.S. – Howard the Duck will (eventually) have his day at the Whitsett

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