Let’s Talk About The Final Avengers: Endgame Trailer!

Wow. What can I even say here. This is the absolute culmination of ten years and 21(!) films. What an insane undertaking. Thankfully because of all that I don’t really have to get as in depth with the back stories for all of these characters like I usually do because, c’mon, you already know all of that right? So without further ado, Let’s Talk About The Final Avengers: Endgame Trailer!

  • The first half of the trailer is actually a lot of recap for our “big three”‘s origins.
  • We get Tony talking about how it feel like a thousand years since he escaped the cave where he built the Mark I Iron Man suit, and realized we was in love with Pepper Potts.    
  • This is slightly intercut with the scenes of Tony leaving a message for Pepper from his destroyed suit on the adrift Benatar.   
  • Then we see images from Captain America’s origin with a voiceover from Peggy Carter about how the world has changed and none of them can go back.     
  • These images are intercut with how the world is coping after The Snappening The Decimation. Like how Liberty Island is a massive ship graveyard now. 
  • We see images of Hawkeye training his daughter to shoot arrows, only to cut to him in the scene in Japan where he’s become Ronin. I think all of our suspicions will be correct and that he lost his whole family in the Decimation.    
  • Peggy’s VO says that they need to start over as we see Natasha take Ronin’s hand. I kinda hope that this is just a friend helping a friend thing and not a love story because this movie definitely does not need THAT subplot.   
  • We flash back to Asgard and see how Thor has grown throughout the years.     
  • This gets put together with some of the heroes getting dusted as Thor says he watched all these people die.    
  • Cap is talking to Natasha and says, “I keep telling all these people to move  on. Some do, but not us.” We’re really seeing how this affected our heroes. I mean obviously but still. I appreciate that this isn’t all ok in their minds.  
  • We get a brief shot of Scott Lang looking at a bunch of missing posters. It looks like it might be his old neighborhood in San Francisco, but everything is all grown over. We’ve theorized for a while now that Time Travel is going to be a large part of story in this movie, so I have a hunch that Scott went into to the future after he got out of the Quantum Realm he was stuck in at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp.   
  • A quinjet flies into New York as Natasha’s VO says that they owe it to everyone not there to try. We get more glimpses of her and Clint together. Again, hopefully just being supportive. 
  • The Montage of Hero Shots kicks off with a rad shot of Rocket on War Machine’s shoulder. 
  • Then we see the rest of our survivors. Cap, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Thor, Nebula, Natasha (shooting a target in rhythm with the score, dope), and then Tony.   
  • All the heroes are saying they’ll do “whatever it takes”.  
  • The trailer ends with the now iconic walking shot of all our surviving heroes at Avengers Compound from the “Big Game” teaser. Interesting here is that we were all right and they did change some stuff around. Notably the addition of Nebula and Tony, signaling that they at least make it back to earth. And also the appearance of the new white avengers suits. These were spoiled by LEGO again so I knew they were coming. I imagine they are some kind of space/time suits, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 
  • And it wouldn’t be a Marvel property if there wasn’t some sort of tag at the end. This one is with Thor and Captain Marvel. A) It shows us for sure that Carol is in Endgame and B) Is the first bit of levity shown for this movie. Thor calls Stormbreaker to him and it breezes right by Carols head. She doesn’t flinch at all and just kinda smirks at Odinson. He proclaims that he likes this one, which feels a little icky but is kinda par for the character’s course.   

And that is it. Not really a story trailer per se. More of another teaser because I really think they want the story of this film to stay as secret as possible until it opens. I’m ok with that. I like going in to this one a little cold and experiencing it as the story unfolds. It’s gonna be so good you guys.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters everywhere April 26th.

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