Episode #165

Pop culture. We’re talking. You’re listening. 

  • Macbeth gets a pretty good director and cast
  • Cillian Murphy needs to be quiet
  • Kid Ghostbusters!
  • To All the He-Men I’ve Loved Before
  • That’s a Jay & Silent Bob Reboot wrap!
  • Where’s Stabler???
  • Felicity is leaving Arrow early
  • Stargirl looks a hell of a lot like Stargirl
  • You’ll never believe Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer can fly
  • DCU offering all the comics!!!
  • Zack Snyder is a tool
  • Boomerang returns for THE Suicide Squad
  • Some kind of Joker is in Birds of Prey
  • James Gunn is officially an EP on Endgame

All that, what we watched and more tangents. 

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