Episode #165 – Why Tampa???

Pop culture. We’re talking. You’re listening.

  • Macbeth gets a pretty good director and cast
  • Cillian Murphy needs to be quiet
  • Kid Ghostbusters!
  • To All the He-Men I’ve Loved Before
  • That’s a Jay & Silent Bob Reboot wrap!
  • Where’s Stabler???
  • Felicity is leaving Arrow early
  • Stargirl looks a hell of a lot like Stargirl
  • You’ll never believe Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer can fly
  • DCU offering all the comics!!!
  • Zack Snyder is a tool
  • Boomerang returns for THE Suicide Squad
  • Some kind of Joker is in Birds of Prey
  • James Gunn is officially an EP on Endgame

All that, what we watched and more tangents.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #165 – Why Tampa???

  1. I’m surprised WB hasn’t landed on “2-icide Squad” as a title yet. I’m sorry I just put that out in the universe.

    RDT, I think you are the only person who would show up for that double feature. Literally. I wouldn’t even be there. It’s too much actual awful to watch back to back. One of them on their own is fine, but you have to pair them off with something fun-bad. Do an 80s toy-themed night for MotU (maybe show She-Ra: Secret of the Sword) and do a “Misguided Marvel” night for Howard the Duck and something like the 1990 Captain America or 1994 Fantastic Four.

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