Episode #178 – #JusticeForHan

As Loren heads to Florida, Rick sits in and he and RDT cover ALL the news. 

  • All kinds of Fast & Furiousness (including the final Hobbs & Shaw trailer)
  • Space Jam 2 will be a movie, we guess
  • WB hires first female CEO in its history, Ann Sarnoff
  • Chris Rock’s Saw starts shooting
  • Myst: The Movie, The Series
  • Breaking Bad: The Movie?
  • Minecraft movie gets a new writer
  • Charlie’s Angels trailer
  • Paul Rudd: Ghostbuster
  • Hello Kitty gets a writer, too!
  • RIP Billy Drago and Mouse Guard
  • Disney puts Alien Nation on hold
  • Bill & Ted casting
  • Stallone in Terminator 2 (aka Deep Fakes are terrifying)
  • Melissa McCarthy will probably be Ursula 
  • Mark Wahlberg is (not) the new Chris Evans
  • The Lincoln Lawyer pulls into the CBS garage
  • Bloodier and more Treasure!
  • Pulitzer Prize winning author to be showrunner for CBS All Access show
  • ODAAT gets at least one more day
  • Scream moves to VH1
  • Deadly Class doesn’t move anywhere
  • NBC paying a LOT of money to get The Office back
  • HBO going back to The Earth and The Moon
  • Hulu renews Into the Dark
  • Hellraiser: The Series??? Also, Hellraiser Kitty!!!
  • Final Fantasy XIV: The Series???
  • Willie’s dead
  • Weird Al dropping Michael Jackson parodies from his tour out of respect for victims
  • People are awful
  • Teen Titans v Teen Titans Go v Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse
  • Capt. Marvel is really popular
  • Endgame? More like EndLAME!
  • Guardians 3 will stay Guardians 3, and Rocket may fall in love…..
  • Ryan Reynolds will be playing a different version of Deadpool in the MCU (No, he won’t. Go home, internet, you’re dumb.)
  • Far From Home is good, and almost had a super soldier-inspired surprise
  • Salma Hayek may be Eternal


All that, what we watched and more tangents. 

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