Episode #9 – Summer Summer Summertime

This week on the podcast we talk about the summer movie season. With all these huge February, March and April releases, is it still a thing? But first, the news!

  • Kingsman 2 title revealed – Kingsman: The Golden Circle
  • Electra Woman & Dyna Girl trailer
  • Oscar Isaac reteams with Ex Machina director for Annihilation
  • Bradley Cooper to star in Max Landis scripted sci-fi flickDeeper
  • Is Starman returning to theaters?
  • Sicario sequel moving forward
  • The Shining 2 is apparently happening
  • Supergirl/Flash crossover leads to 30% bump in ratings
  • Mythbusters returning already
  • Preacher teaser
  • Deadpool officially the highest grossing R-rated movie
  • Gambit delayed again
  • Will James Gunn stay with the Guardians for Volume 3?
  • Dr. Strange and Baron Mordo in action
  • First Wonder Woman image revealed
  • Suits’ Patrick J. Adams joins Legends of Tomorrow
  • 2nd Lego Batman Movie trailer
  • Is Batfleck writing his own Bat-flick?
  • Zach Snyder helping out on Aquaman
  • Deleted Batman v Superman scene released
  • Snyder explains when Robin died in this universe
  • Batman v Superman box office drops 80% on Friday
  • Suicide Squad reshoots

All that, the usual tangents, and a quick revisit to, ugh, The Legal Proceeding (were we too easy on it?). Spoilers around 39:00-42:00(ish).

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