Episode #12 – Come and knock on our door!

This week on the podcast, Loren and I solve the problem of shitty video game movies. But first, the news!


  • Rita Repulsa Revealed! 
  • Ava2ar, Ava3, 4vatar and A5tar news
  • Blade Runner 2 release date moves up
  • Sherlock Holmes (the movie, not the show) news
  • More Terminator?
  • Another cinematic universe is coming our way 
  • Daddy’s Home….again! 
  • Dwayne Johnson to rock the Jumanji remake
  • Three’s Company coming to theaters
  • Choose your own Twilight Zone?
  • Mr. Robot: Season 2
  • (Dr.) Who’s the new companion? 
  • True Detective done? 
  • HBO renewal news
  • Live with ??? and ???
  • Castle stands alone
  • Radio news???
  • Iron Fist casting
  • A whole bunch of MCU Phase 3/Infinity War news (with a little friendly neighborhood Spidey as well)
  • A fun X-Men: Apocalypse video
  • Extras, extras! Read all about Deadpool’s special edition blu-ray
  • Justice League/Flash casting
  • Killer Robin
  • A (potential) return to Krypton
  • Controversial Zoom reveal on The Flash (tv show this time)

Flash TV spoilers around 1:24:00. 

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