Episode #30 – You Gotta Death Wish or Something?

This week Ryan is still off in Europe breaking hearts and taking names (I don’t know what that means), but don’t worry Loren brought in another ringer. HPN contributor Rick is here to talk all about Modern Remakes of 70’s films.

That’s not all though, the guys also covered all the news from the week like:

  • What is Comcast even doing with $3.8Billion
  • The Jesus gets his own Lebowski spinoff
  • Actual Jesus gets a VR movie
  • The Ring is now an email attachment, thanks a lot Aunt Gladys now we’re all gonna die
  • That Russian Avengers style movie gets the English dub we’ve all been waiting for
  • Christoph Waltz adds his crazy to a movie that’s been in development since the 90s
  • Helen Mirren is playing Mother Ginger and sadly that’s not a Madame at a 70’s brothel
  • Happy Hogan to direct Seth MacFarlane in spaaaaaace
  • CW Cast is all about teasers
  • Your favorite movies are becoming TV Shows
  • What the f*ck is a Squanchtendo?
  • Doug Liman says see ya to Gambit and gets Dark
  • Are we not men? We are THOR, T.H.O.R.
  • And the most different women are all vying to direct Capt. Marvel

All that plus the usual tangents.

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