Episode #91 – You’re terrible, Tyrese.

We’re back for another run down of all the pop culture news you can handle.

  • Power Rangers 2
  • A Fast 9 reunion has been confirmed
  • Morgan Creek rebooting….everything
  • Top Gun doesn’t know math
  • Contra: The Movie and/or TV show
  • Lethal Weapon 5 back on the table
  • Fantastic Voyage gonna take a little longer
  • Christoph Waltz not returning for Bond 25
  • Nathan Fillion is back on the force
  • Preach on, Preacher
  • Bad…Girl….the series…?
  • Veronica Mars: The Series
  • What We Do In The Shadows in America
  • Justice League tracking soft
  • SHAZAM cast
  • Deathstroke: The Movie
  • Kingpin going up against the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen again
  • Runaways trailer
  • Ben Mendelsohn, Skrull?
  • X-23: The Movie…?

All that, plus some tangents and a whole lot of math.

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One thought on “Episode #91 – You’re terrible, Tyrese.

  1. If they’re doing it right (and they probably aren’t) Vincent D’Onofrio should be the new Blofeld.

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