Episode #113 – We Should Be Making Jurassic Park Movies

The guys are back with the week’s pop-culture news. They also saw Ready Player One and have opinions! But before that they’re covering stories like:

  • John Cena confirmed for Duke Nukem movie
  • James Wan and ‘IT’ producers are remaking The Tommyknockers
  • Colin Trevorrow Confirmed to Direct Jurassic World 3
  • More Bill & Ted 3 talk
  • Roseanne renewed for a 13 episode season 2/12
  • The Stand might be heading to CBS All Access
  • FX cancels Deadpool animated show before it even airs
  • Westworld season 2 trailer
  • One Day at a Time renewed for season 3
  • Netflix making live action Carmen Sandiego movie, Gina Rodriguez to star
  • John Mulaney’s next special to premiere on Netflix in May
  • Kurtzman to direct ST:D season 2 premiere after dissolution of The Dark Universe
  • Amazon developing an A League of Their Own show
  • Marvel bringing back the Fantastic Four comic, leading to speculation about the groups induction into the MCU
  • Pedro Pascal joins Wonder Woman 2 cast
  • Capt. Marvel brings Lee Pace, Djimon Hounsou, and Clark Gregg back to the MCU
  • Dark Phoenix and New Mutants delayed

All that, another big Weekly Watched, Loren starts to lose his voice,  and the rest of the usual tangents!

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